Freehold Titles (ERO D/DHtT73/39 Thos Harlakenden to Jn Jacob Great Lodge)

9.9.1639 (Monday 9 September 1639)

document 26000005

this indenture made the 9.9.1639 and in fifteenth year etc between Thos Harlakenden the elder and of Earls Colne gentleman on the one part and sir Jn Jacob of London knight on the other part witnesseth that the said Thos Harlakenden for and in consideration of the accomplishment of part of the covenants articles and agreements on the part of the said Thos Harlakenden to be performed contained in one indenture made between the said Thos Harlakenden on the one part and said sir Jn Jacob of the other part bearing date with these presents and for and in consideration of the sum of 1068li one thousand three score and eight pounds of lawful english money to him the said Thos Harlakenden in hand paid by the said sir Jn Jacob before the ensealing of these presents the receipt whereof the said Thos Harlakenden doth acknowledge and thereof and of every part thereof doth acquit the said sir Jn Jacob his heirs executors and assigns by these presents have granted aliened bargained and sold and by these presents doth clearly and absolutely grant alien bargain and sell to the said sir Jn Jacob all that his messuage commonly called the Great Lodge or by whatsoever other name called or known situate in Earls Colne aforesaid and all the barns stables brewing houses quern houses orchards gardens yards to the same belonging or used with the same or reputed as parcel of the same with the appurtenances and all the lands pastures feedings and closes of him the said Thos Harlakenden lying round about the said messuage called Great Lodge as the same is now or are now encompassed on the north north east east and south sides thereof with the kings highway or lane leading from Halstead towards Coggeshall and as the same now are in the tenure or occupation of Wm Kendal his assigns or assignees and all trees woods and other woods now standing or growing in or upon the said premises or any part or parcel thereof and all profits commodities emoluments and hereditaments to the said messuage lands or tenements belonging or used with the same situate lying and being in the late dissolved park called Colne Park in the tenure of the said Wm Kendal his assignee or assignees with the reversion or reversions remainder or remainders of the same and of all and every of the yearly rents reserved due or payable upon any demise or lease made of the same or any part thereof to have and to hold the said messuage lands premises with appurtenances to the said sir Jn Jacob his heirs and assigns to the use of the said sir Jn Jacob his heirs and assigns forever absolutely without any manner of condition redemption or revocation or anywise in witness whereof the parties above said to these present indentures interchangeably have set their hands and seals the day and year of the first above written mark Wm Kendal Thos Harlakenden (on the front of the document is bargain and sale by Thos Harlakenden of Great Lodge now Kendals Farm 9.9.1639 )