Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr199 Joseph Wilkin etc to Jeremiah Brook etc Bettingsland Wood)

31.10.1748 (Monday 31 October 1748)

document 31500124

(part transcribed relating to Earls Colne) an indenture made 31.10.1748 between Joseph Wilkin of Keddington Suffolk yeoman and Margt his wife Sam Wilkin of Steeple Bumpstead yeoman and Mary his wife and Wm Towle of Leadenhall St in parish of St Catherines Cree Church alias Christchurch London grocer and Eliz his wife of the one part and Jeremiah Brock of Bocking clothier and Eliz Heckford of Braintree widow of the other part witnesseth that the said Joseph Wilkin and Margt his wife Sam Wilkin and Mary his wife and Wm Towle and Eliz his wife for the absolute stating settling and assuring of the messuage or tenement farm lands wood and woodlands hereditaments all and singular other the premises herein after mentioned and expressed with their and every of their appurtenances in such manner and form and to such uses intents and purposes as hereafter in these presents are limited and declared and for divers other good causes and considerations the said parties to this presents hereunto specially moving agreed for them and their heirs etc Joseph and Sam Wilkin and Wm Towle for themselves etc agree with Jeremiah Brock and Eliz Heckford and their heirs etc that the said Joseph etc and their wives shall and will as of this michaelmas term or some other term in due form of law acknowledge and levy before his majestys justice of the court of common pleas at Westminster one or more fine or fines sur cognisance de droit etc with proclamations to be had etc for assurance of land in such cases used unto the said Jeremiah Brock and his heirs all that messuage or tenement now in the occupation of     his assignee or assigns situate and being in Stamborne etc and also all that wood and woodland commonly called Bettingsland wood by whatsoever name or names the same be called or known containing by estimation 32a be the same more or less in Earls Colne with all ways profits etc and all wood timber and trees thereon growing and of and in the reversion and reversions etc of them the said Joseph Wilkin and Margt his wife Sam Wilkin and Mary his wife Wm Towle and Eliz his wife any or either of them by the name of one messuage one barn two curtilages one garden one orchard 20a of land 6a meadow 16a pasture and 35a of wood with appurtenances in Stambourne Redgewell and Earls Colne etc and as for touching and concerning the said wood and woodland called Bettingsland wood or otherwise with appurtenances in the parish of Earls Colne or in any other parish town or place whatsoever in the said county to the use and behoof of the said Eliz Heckford for and during the term of 1000years to her thereof granted by the said Wm Towle and Eliz his wife for securing the payment of the sum of 300li with interest in and by one indenture of mortgage and demise bearing even date with these presents made or mentioned to be made between the said Wm Towle and Eliz his wife of the one part and the said Eliz Heckford of the other part subject to the premises or conditions contained in the said indenture of mortgage and from and immediately after the end expiration or other sooner determination of the said term of 1000years and subject thereunto to the use of such person or persons and for such estate or estates of Wm Towle and Eliz his wife during their joint lives by any deed in writing to or by them sealed and delivered in the presence of two or more credible witnesses shall direct limit or appoint and as the estate or estates so to be directed limited or appointed then it shall respectively end and determine and to so much of the said last mentioned premises whereof no such direction limitation or appointment shall be made and in default of and until such direction limitation or appointment to the use and behoof of the said Wm Towle and Eliz his wife their heirs and assigns forever and to and for no other use intent or purpose whatsoever in witness the parties firs t above names have set their hands and seals Jos Wilkin mark Margt Wilkin Sam Wilkin Mary Wilkin Wm Towle Eliz Towle Jeremiah Brock Eliz Heckford

sealed in the presence of Jas Green Wm Black Finch Lane Rich Rayment deed to lead the uses of a fine