Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/7 concerning appointing a schoolmaster in Earls Colne)

6.2.1674 (Thursday 6 February 1673)

document 32300831

copy deed of gift of the free school to mr Jn Ludgator 6.2.1673 to all people to whom this present writing shall come we Geo Cressener of Earls Colne in the county of Essex gentleman Jn Cressener citizen and grocer of London and Geo Cressener the younger of the Middle Temple London gentleman send greeting know ye that we the said Geo Cressener Jn Cressener and Geo Cressener the younger being credibly informed of the learning piety and integrity of Jn Ludgator of the University of Cambridge master of arts and for divers good causes and considerations us thereunto moving have placed constituted and appointed and by these presents do place constitute and appoint the said Jn Ludgator to be the schoolmaster of the free grammar school in Earls Colne in the county of Essex aforesaid there to teach and instruct all free scholars of the said school in the latin and the greek tongues as are and have been usually here taught and regularly to exercise and manage the said school for the education of youth and the advancement of learning and virtue therein according to the best of his skill and knowledge and for his encouragement therein to receive have and take to his own use all the prerequisites and profits properly belonging to the same school to have hold and enjoy the said place of schoolmaster of the said free grammar school and the benefits and profits thereof unto the said Jn Ludgator from the day of the date of these presents unto the full end and term of twelve years from thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended if he the said Jn Ludgator shall so long live and shall civilly demean himself in all things to our content and shall constantly and in his own person diligently attend the said place and discipline teach and instruct the said free scholars as he ought to do or otherwise to be put out of the said place at our pleasures in testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the 6.2.1674 and in the 26Chas2 etc Geo Cressener Jn Cressener Geo Cressener junior sealed in the presence of Edw Feilder Geo Perkins