Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/11 deeds concerning the Free School numbers refer to pages)

8.12.1695 (Tuesday 8 December 1695)

document 32400005

8.12.1695 by a counterpart of deed of mortgage of that date duly executed by Edw Cressener made between Jn Cressener of Earls Colne in Essex gentleman of the one part and Edw Cressener citizen and grocer of London of the other part it is witnessed that the said Jn Cressener in consideration of the sum of 500li to him paid by the said Edw Cressener hath mortgaged together premises all that donation free disposition and settling of a schoolmaster from time to time for the grammar school in Earls Colne aforesaid now in the possession of Jn Ludgator and also all the messuages lands and tenements and hereditaments rents and profits to the said place of a schoolmaster of the said free grammar school belonging to hold to the said Edw Cressener his executors administrators and assigns for the term of five hundred years see the 25.1.1700