Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/3/3 memo of surrender by Wm Death of Michells to use of his will)

26.4.1701 (Saturday 26 April 1701)

document 32500205

Earls Colne memorandum the day and year above written Wm Death a customary tenant of the manor above said did out of court by the rod surrender into the hands of the lord and lady of the manor aforesaid by the hands of Sam Burton instead of their bailiff and in the presence of Jn Cressener esq and Wm Chapman two customary tenants of the said manor witnessing the same according to the custom thereof all those his customary lands with a barn called Michells holden on the manor abovesaid to be to the only proper uses of the last will and testament of him the said Wm Death in writing and no other uses whatsoever Wm Death Jn Cressener Wm Chapman tenants Sam Burton bailiff