Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6ACC 6029/74)

20.5.1651 (Tuesday 20 May 1651)

document 32700295

received the day and year aforesaid by me Thos Harlakenden gentleman of and from Geo Cressener gentleman the sum of 144li of lawful english money which was the remaining sum and is in full payment of the sum of 744li by me received of and from the said Geo Cressener for the purchase of Hall Meadow and the croft thereunto adjoining in Earls Colne of which said purchase money and of every part and parcel thereof I do acquit and discharge the said mr Cressener his executors and administrators witness my hand the day and year aforesaid I say received Thos Harlakenden witness hereunto Gualver# Pierson Sam Burton mark Rich Fisher