Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr300 Jn de Veer earl of Oxford to Rich Anthony Lowfeld)

27.3.19Hen8 (Friday 27 March 1528)

document 49900087

this indenture made the 27.3.19Hen8 between the right honourable Jn de Veer earl of Oxford on the one part and Rich Antony husbandman and clerk to the same earl on the other part witnesseth that the said earl hath granted and demised and by these presents granteth demiseth and lets to farm unto the said Rich Antony all that parcel of ground containing by estimation 2a of pasture lying in Earls Colne abutting there upon Lowfeld on the east and upon the highway leading from Colne aforesaid towards Coggeshall on the south west and lying next unto the end of the tenement and garden called Crosse Howse in Colne aforesaid at the south west end of the same house and garden which said parcel of ground Jn Wroo and Sybel his wife late held of the said earl by copy of court roll to have and to hold the said parcel with the appurtenances unto the said Rich his executors and assigns from michaelmas next ensuing after the date hereof unto the end and term of thirty years then next following fully to be complete yielding and paying therefore yearly unto the said earl his heirs or assigns 3s4d of good and lawful money of England at two terms of the year that is to say at easter and michaelmas by even portions and if default of payment be made of the said sum in part or in all being due in any of the said years by the space of half a year after any of the said feasts and be demanded that then it shall be lawful unto the said earl his heirs or assigns to amove and clearly to put out the said Rich Antony his executors and assigns forever from the said parcel of ground and appurtenances this present grant notwithstanding in witness whereof the parties aforesaid have to these presents interchangeably set their seals Oxford