Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr264 Rich Curlewe to Rose Curlewe etc Werkemans tenement)

21.6.28Hen8 (Wednesday 21 June 1536)

document 50000005

(torn and blotted in latin) know all men by these presents that I Rich Curlewe of Earls Colne give and concede and by this present deed confirm to Rose Curlewe my daughter Jn Chatterton Jn Estey Jn Leffyngwell junior and Hen Prentice of Earls Colne a tenement and garden containing 2r more or less to have all lands belonging to the tenement with appurtenances called Werkmans lying in Earls Colne between a tenement late of Jn Senold to the east and a croft of land called Colvescroft on the west one head abuts on the said croft and the other on the highway from Halstead to Colchester the tenement was late held by Wm Chopet clerk Thos Brett Jn Wastelyn and Roger Hitchcock of Earls Colne aforesaid now deceased of the grant of (torn) 22Hen7 as more plainly appears to have and to hold to the said Rose Curlewe etc and their heirs and assigns illegible text owed and by right accustomed (torn) to this present writing put my hand and seal dated at Earls Colne 21.6.28Hen8 (no signatures of witnesses)

this present possession and seisin held and delivered in the presence of Jn Leffyngwell senior Roger Bonyer Jn Ruffyll Thos Jakson Xoph Ruffyll Wm Bonyer and others