Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr179 Israel Amyce etc to release right in Colne Priory)

19.7.1591 (Monday 19 July 1591)

document 51300005

(this is only half a deed it has been split at the centre) tripartite indenture 19.7.1591 between Edw earl of Oxford of the first part Israel (torn) of Tilburne aforesaid yeoman of the second part and Roger Harlakenden of Earls Colne and Clement Stonard of Stapleford Abbott gentleman Rich Hardes and Wm Harlakenden of the third part mentions the outlawry of Israel Amyce whose goods were forfeit and went to Jn Drawater and Jn Holmes their executors and administrators who have letters patent and have some right to Colne Priory alias Colne House now Israel Amyce Jn Drawater and Jn Holmes note that Israel Amyce owed earl of Oxford 500li and Roger Harlakenden 300li and by this some sort of right in Colne Priory

Drawater and Holmes and Amyce release extent on Colne Priory 19.7.33Eliz1