Freehold Titles (Earls Colne extracts from Feet of Fines for Essex in four volumes 1182-1547 editors various)

1224-1225 (1225)

document 52300076

trinity Rich de Brunton demandant Adam Fitz William tenant one carucate of land with appurtenances in Colum tenant granted to demandant 30a of the said land nearest to demandant land to wit 13a of land with appurtenances in Apeltonesfeld 8a in Redinges 6a in The Long Croft and 3a in Oteland and all the meadow which tenant held in demesne under La Ho between the bridge which is under the house of demandant and a moiety of the mill which tenant previously held in the same town with suit of all men of tenant saving to tenant his free molture of his house for his own family and all the land with appurtenances which Gerard Newman held with the same Gerard and all his sequel and all the land which Avicia who was wife of Rich Hastevilain held to hold to demandant of the chief lords of that fee doing as much service as appertains to the same land demandant quitclaimed to tenant all right in the said land the said Gerard was present and acknowledged himself to be a villain (the last clause is partly repeated on the dorse)