Ministers Accounts: abstract from rolls concerning Colne Priory (PRO SC.6.Hen8/1003/247)

34Hen8 (Saturday 22 April 1542)

document 13000082

Colne late priory the accounts in the time of this accountant of all those tenths received from the farmer of the manor of Crepping viz within the time of this account nothing and the manor house with apps belongs to Humph Springfield (sic) knight his heirs and assigns forever by licence of the lord king now Henry the eighth and a tenth part of the said manor is to the lord king lands and possessions late of the monastery of Campesse in the county of Suffolk as shown in certain letters patent between the accountant and ministers of the 34Hen8 plainly appears and the account of 6s8d received of Jn Byseman (sic) for a certain annual rent for the tenths pertaining to certain lands called Moncks in the town of Rothing Eythorp and tenths of the manor of Langbournes within the parish of Beauchamp Roding in letters patent of the lord king in charity and kinship and his goodness to Chas Duke of Suffolk his heirs and assigns forever to hold of the lord king his heirs and successors forever and he sold the said lands to the aforesaid Jn Bryseman his heirs and assigns forever to hold of the lord king and the rents and services to him owed as appears in the letters patent and letters of alienation between the accountant of this office more plainly appears and of 47s received of Giles Legat farmer of the mill of Borflete from the revenues of the farm this year as shown in the account of this year and of 20li the account of Francis Jobson farmer of the rectory of Edwardston for the revenues of his farm this year as appears by the accounts of the said farmer and of 66li received of the noble earl of Oxford for a certain annual rent for his tenths for the site and building and hereditaments of the site of the late priory or monastery of Colne with all and singular the manor lands tenements and other possessions temporal and spiritual to the priory belonging held by letters patent of the king to Jn Vere knight late earl of Oxford now deceased and the heirs of his body legitimately procreated and to be procreated to hold of the lord king his heirs and successors forever as shown in letters patent 29Hen8 sum 88li13s8d