Archdeaconry Cause Books (ERO D/ACC8)

5.6.1605 (Wednesday 5 June 1605)

document 500312

mr Adams versus Parker on this day mr Moore appeared personally on his behalf and gave into the hands of mr Jas Thwaites the sum of 3s6d for the marriage duties named the sum of 18d and for the christening named for five children which he had baptised according to the custom 6d apiece for every child also for the feed of his cattle or the tithe of a certain close lying in Earls Colne named or called Blakes containing by estimation 6a or 7a the sum of 3s6d due for the tithe there in the year 1604 also for the burial of his mother named within the time named the sum of 12d in full payment and satisfaction of all and singular tithes owed and all expenses and taxes owed mr Thwaithes accepted the payments and all the parties were ordered to attend the next court to confirm the acceptance of the payments