Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD1)

24.11.1620 (Friday 24 November 1620)

document 700330

to the third and fourth and fifth articles she saith and deposeth that upon the saturday after easter day 22.4.last past in the afternoon she this deponent did see the articulate Robt Carter and Isabel Collin sitting together by the fire side in the hall of the said Wm Collin's house he being then from home and this deponent going out of the said hall and returning thither again presently after she found them gone out from thence and then suspecting that they were gone about some dishonest act she this deponent and her precontestis Alice March offering to go in to the old parlour to see whether they were there or not and finding the latch of the door drawn her said precontestis took the fire fork and lifted open the door and finding them not there they went to the next door being the cheese house door and that they found locked and the key within side and then they went about the house to a back window to see if they could have looked in there at but it being too high for them they came back again and being in the hall Thos Jones a servant to the articulate Wm Collin came in thither and asked where his dame was and they both told him that she was in the cheese house with Robt Carter and then the said Jones went into his own chamber where he usually did lie being directly over the cheese house and from thence he called for this deponent and the said Alice March to come unto him and they should see her doing and thereupon they went both up into his chamber and there through a hole in the boards they did all there look down together into the cheese house and saw all together the said Isabel Collin lying upon her back upon the floor in the cheese house with her coats struck up to her belly and the said Carter lying betwixt her legs with his breeches down before and his shirt out on the right side and his hat lying by him committing the very act of adultery as she commented and further she deposeth that before that day she this deponent did never see the said Robt Carter and Isabel Collin together in any place and further she does not know to depose