Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA30)

11.2.1607 (Wednesday 11 February 1607)

document 1701698

Clem Pryor of Earls Colne stands excommunicate appeared and was absolved and restored and then on oath replied that Rich Warde of Earls Colne hath been a suitor unto her in the way of marriage these three years at the least and oftentimes promised her marriage and she saith further that the said Rich Warde hath had the carnal knowledge of her body divers and sundry times viz the first time about the midst of .3.last past in an inner# entry of this examinate's uncle's house Laurence Pilgrim in Gaines Colne and the second time upon the sunday in the evening after our lady day last upon a pair of stairs in the same house going up into a malt cellar and the last and third time was easter last in the entry aforesaid upon the said stairs and she saith upon her oath not any man but the said Rich Warde ever had the carnal knowledge of her body and that thereupon she saith there is a common fame and report as well within the parish of Earls Colne as in other parishes hereunto adjoining and that she was delivered of a child upon the 12.=.last past mark Clem Pryor her mark