Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

6.4.1724 (Monday 6 April 1724)

document 10702056

then took in the last three weeks being the disbursements of Jn Pratt the standing collection amounting to 3li2s3d the relief amounting to 3li3s mr Botts rent 3li widow Bowles 6s Jn Potter salary 10s mr Newton's money as surveyor 1li10s Jn Potter more for attending 6d widow Hatch for nursing 1li Rich Potter for busses 8s confirming the book 2s Shelley's attending of people of smallpox 4s 13li5s9d Jn Newton Hen Adams junior Robt Harris Oliver Johnson Jn Hatch Jn May levied per year 48li18s#