Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

6.4.1724 (Monday 6 April 1724)

document 10702099

then took in the overseers accounts for the last year being mr Angier and Jn Pratt disbursements of mr Angier amounting to 43li11d the disbursements of Jn Pratt 54li9s7d 97li0s 11d and we charge them we two rates one at seven quarters and a half at 46li17s4d and one of eight quarters amounting to 50li1s4d received in cash for use of the parish by Jn Pratt 3li2s6d 100li1s2d 97li0s 11d the rest due to balance 3li3s disbursed by Jn Pratt since easter 1li1s 19s3d received 17s rest due 2s9d