Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

3.10.1726 (Monday 3 October 1726)

document 10800681

then agreed at a vestry meeting that the standing collection should be as follows per month imprimis widow Brumfield 6s widow Springate 8s widow Bewers 12s widow Finch 4s Thos Catlyn 2s widow Sydie 2s Walt Pease 6s Mary Layer 4s Peter Dore 8s widow White 12s Jn Last 8s Francis Crisp 9s Catlyn's child 8s Martha Appleton 6s widow Arnald 8s widow Hatch 4s Thos Pudney 8s widow Fuller 4s 5li19s Jn Hatch Oliver Johnson Sam Burton Jn May Geo Wall Jn Pratt