Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

29.3.1730-18.4.1731 (Sunday 29 March 1730)

document 10903300

burials in Earls Colne from easter 1730 to easter 1731 16.7.1730 mrs Rebbeca Spicer (buried) in linen mr Jas Robinson informed 20.7.1730 Jos Brooks (buried) in linen 20.8.1730 Mary Wistow (may be Mary Wistow) (buried) in woollen 22.9.1730 the wife of Jn Osbourne (buried) in woollen 29.10.1730 Rich Androwes esq (buried) Jn Wale esq informed in linen 11.11.1730 the wife of Jn Buck (buried) in woollen 10.12.1730 a child of Jn Buck (buried) in woollen 3.12.1730 the widow Manning (buried) in woollen 16.2.1731 the wife of     York (buried) in woollen 23.2.1731 Sarah Tiffin (buried) in woollen 17.3.1731 Susanna Dor (buried) in woollen 23.3.1731 a child of Rich Brewer (may be Rich Brewer) (buried) in woollen 24.3.1731 the wife of Thos Tiffin (buried) in woollen 10.4.1731 a child of Peter Raven (buried) in woollen as certified to Thos Bernard vicar