Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

7.4.1735 (Monday 7 April 1735)

document 11002848

then took in the overseers accounts for the year last past being the disbursements of Wm Harvey and Jn Page the disbursements of Wm Harvey amounting to 80li12s8d1h Jn Page amounting to 110li5s2d total disbursements 190li17s10d1h and they charge themselves with two rates one of twelve quarters and half and the other of seventeen quarters amounting to 190li15s4d at the same time agreed that a rate should be made for the disbursements of Jn Page to be gathered at seventeen quarters we present to his majesty's justices of the peace for this county officers for the year ensuing mr Oliver Johnson mr Jn Hatch churchwardens Edw Wash Jas Vince Jas Savill Sam Gyon overseers