Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

11.4.1738 (Tuesday 11 April 1738)

document 11102696

then agreed that the standing collection should be as followeth per month widow Arnold 10s widow Finch 6s widow Smith 6s widow Sandall 8s widow Beard 6s widow of Thos Paine 6s widow Sweeton 6s widow Sad 4s widow Raven senior 4s widow Bullock 6s widow Rayner died 19.10.1738 4s widow Christmas 4s widow Catley 6s widow Moss 5s widow Raven junior 3s widow Wilkinson 6s widow Sillitoe 6s widow of Jn Paine 8s widow Biggsby 4s Geo Mann 12s Charity Hatch's girl 6s Jacob Green 3s Miles and Buers 10s total 6li19s deducted for widow Rayner's death 4s total 6li15s widow Crow 8s total 7li3s Jn Newton Jas Robinson Oliver Johnson