Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

25.4.1739 (Wednesday 25 April 1739)

document 11103666

then made out the whole years accounts for the year last past being Jn Tiffin and Sam Hale the disbursements of Jn Tiffin amounted to 76li2s11d1h the disbursements of Sam Hales amounted to 99li5s7d a total of 175li8s6d1h and they charge themselves with two rates one of twelve quarters at 6li9s4d1h per quarter amounting to 77li12s6d and another of fifteen quarters and a half at 6li9s8d per quarter amounting to 100li9s10d total of 178li2s4d due to the parish to balance 2li13s9d1h