Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

11.1.1743 (Tuesday 11 January 1743)

document 11500955

workhouse 11.1.1743 11.1.1743 to Jos Cook governor for thirteen weeks salary ending the tuesday 4.1.1743 3li5s to Jas Cooper for a quarter of a hundredweight (448oz) of soap 14s 11.1.1743 to Jos Cook a bill for dishes spoons yeast and other small things 4s4d1h to entrust money 15li to oil and cotton 3s4d 11.1.1743 to Jn Finch his bill for shaving the workhouse people 2s5d 11.1.1743 to Geo Roggers for brewing 5s 14.1.1743 to Jos Pond for 20lb of beef 5s to a neat's cheek 1s 19li16s7d1h