Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

2.10.1744 (Tuesday 2 October 1744)

document 11502480

twenty seventh week workhouse 2.10.1744 Jos Pond a bill 4s9d paid Isaac Potter half years salary 12s mr Unwin a bill 6s8d widow Sweeting by order of mr Hatch 1s mr Harrington a bill 2li7s2d Rich Fosset a bill 7s6d Wm Root for half a years rent 1li10s Thos Man a bill 2li14s6d my own bill 23li4s4d3f Jn White a bill 10s2d3f Jeff Cocke a bill 5s mr Martin a bill 3s2d1h dr Smith for half years salary 2li7s3d mr Newton a bill 19s6d mr Leaper a bill 12s mr Tiffin a bill 2li8s mr Jewel a bill 1li Jarvis Williston a bill 16s10d Jn Brazier a bill 14s7d Jn Finch a bill 5s6d Jos Bott a bill 1s7d mr Morley a bill 4li1s making the rate 2s6d confirming the book and expenses 2s6d 66li7d1h