Name Index - Richard Fawcett (F50)

Appears in the text as:
Thursday 8 December 1724Marriage register 1700 to 17299200821
Monday 18 April 1726Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls41700359
Tuesday 11 December 1726Baptism register 1720 to 17297502769
January 1727Quarter Sessions Bundles21000429
Friday 3 April 1730Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls41900184
Sunday 19 November 1732Burial register 1730 to 17558700366
Tuesday 2 October 1744Overseers Accounts11502480
Thursday 3 April 1746Overseers Accounts11601292
Thursday 9 April 1747Overseers Accounts11602152
Monday 20 April 1747Poor Rate11400012
Thursday 27 August 1747Overseers Accounts11602469
Wednesday 9 September 1747Overseers Accounts11602520
Friday 8 April 1748Overseers Accounts11700448
Tuesday 3 January 1749Overseers Accounts11700853
Monday 25 September 1749Overseers Accounts11701369
Sunday 8 April 1750Overseers Accounts11701819
Thursday 30 July 1778Wills(93000300 ?)
1854Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory80000685