Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

3.1.1749 (Tuesday 3 January 1749)

document 11700853

3.1.1749 paid to Sam Cook quarter 3li5s 3.1.1749 two pigs 9s 2.1.1749 delivered one load of wheat 7li10s 9.1.1749 paid at the Blu Bore the town use money and expenses there 17s 11.1.1749 paid to Rich Foset 3s10d1h 17.1.1749 paid relief to Balshem 1s 19.1.1749 paid to Balshem 1s6d paid to Hull for the indentures Amie's boy 2s 30.1.1749 a cauldron and half of coals carting 11s9d