Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

8.4.1748 (Friday 8 April 1748)

document 11700403

twenty sixth week workhouse 8.4.1748 to mr Harrington a bill for pease milk and cheese 1li13s1h to mr Thos Cooper for 9bush of pease 1li2s6d to Jn Finch for shaving half a year 6s3d to Jn Brasier a bill 1li11s7d to Dan London (may be Dan London) a bill 11s5d to Sam Christmas a bill 2li7s1d1h to mr Rich Ruffle a bill 2li8s8d to mrs Johnson a bill 6s9d1h to mr Pattrick for bridge money 19s9d to Jn White a bill 7s7d1h to mr Thos Smith a bill 8li9s2d to mr Jos Bott a bill 5li2s10d3f to Jn Unwin a bill for malt hops and oatmeal etc 3li8s11d1h to dr Smith for half years salary 2li7s3d to mr Harrington for half a years rent 1li10s to Sam Cook for 13wk salary ending at ladyday.last 3li5s to the same a bill of sundry things 8s8d1h to Jn Sanchster 2li2s