Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

2.12.1714 (Saturday 2 December 1714)

document 11801293

this indenture witnesseth that Rich Haward son of Rich Haward late of Earls Colne doth put himself apprentice to mrs Mary Mounsur and Thos Mounsur of Saxmundham Suffolk victuallers to learn their art and with them after the manner of an apprentice to serve from this day unto the full end and term of seven years be ended to faithfully serve them etc not frequent alehouses or play at unlawful games etc and they shall instruct him in the art of a victualler and after the end of the term give him two decent suits of clothes etc dated 2.12.1714 Mary Mounsur Thos Mounsur witnesses Jn Eade Sam Burton