Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

20.4.1733 (Friday 20 April 1733)

document 11802289

this indenture made 20.4.1733 whereas by indenture bearing date 29.10.1730 Hen Matthew then churchwarden of the parish of Halstead and Sam Bridge and Jn Wood then overseers of the said parish did with the consent of Robt Tweed esq and Alex Vievar clerk then two justices of the peace put and place Stephen Johnson then a poor child of the said parish apprentice to Jn Bretton of Earls Colne bayweaver with him to dwell and serve from the day of the date of the indenture until the apprentice was aged twenty four years (the said apprentice being now 14years) as in and to the said indentures relation being thereunto had may more fully appear and whereas the said Jn Bretton is become unable to provide for the said apprentice and Dan Saunders of Briclesey in Essex oyster dredger hath agreed to accept of the said apprentice now this indenture witnesseth that the said Jn Bretton for the consideration of the sum of 5s to him in hand paid by the said Dan Saunders the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath assigned transferred and set over and by these present doth by and with the consent as well of the said apprentice testified by his signing and sealing of these presents as also by two justices of the peace etc assign transfer and set over the said apprentice unto the said Dan Saunders to serve him the said Dan Saunders until the said apprentice shall attain the age of twenty four years in such manner as the said apprentice ought to have served Jn Bretton in case these presents had not been made and the said Dan Saunders for himself etc does covenant with Jn Bretton that he shall teach his apprentice the best way or manner that he may or can and allow competent lodging and food and indemnify the parishioners of Halstead from any charges and at the end of the term will provide two suits of apparel etc Dan Saunders mark Stephen Johnson sealed and delivered upon treble 6d stamped paper in the presence of Jn Hatch Wm Carter justices of the peace H Summers Robt Tweed