Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

24.12.1733 (Wednesday 24 December 1733)

document 11802370

this indenture witnesseth that Geo Argent son of Thos Argent of Hedingham Sible in the county of Essex wool comber hath of his own free will and voluntary mind as well as by and with the consent of his said father put and bound himself apprentice to and with Jas Brabrooke of Earls Colne miller and with him after the manner of an apprentice to dwell and serve from the day of the date hereof for and during the full term of six years from thence next ensuing etc during which term the said apprentice his said master shall faithfully serve etc not haunt taverns etc not play unlawful games etc matrimony during the said term he shall not contract nor fornication commit nor from the service of his master absent himself etc and the said master will instruct the apprentice in the art of a miller and lodge and feed him and it is further agreed that Thos Argent the father shall find the apprentice with apparel the first two years and at the end of the said two years shall leave him double suited for working and holy days and also the said master promises that he will find the apprentice with apparel for the other four years and at the expiration of the term will find him double apparel as good and as much as the said Thos Argent deliver to him at the end of the first two years and these signed 24.12.1733 Thos Argent mark Geo Argent sealed and delivered the paper being duly stamped in the presence of us Jn Page Dan Brabrook (there is another copy of this indenture with Jas Brabrook ) sig ()