Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/1)

22.6.1723 (Saturday 22 June 1723)

document 11900042

Jn Raven of Coggeshall Magna butcher and Math Raven of Terling yeoman obliged to Jn Hatch and Ambrose Stower churchwardens of Earls Colne and Thos Angier of Earls Colne gentleman and Jn Pratt of same yeoman overseers or assigns etc 22.6.1723 condition that Jn Raven and Math Raven indemnify the churchwardens etc re child that Mary Brownsmith single of Earls Colne goeth withal whereof Jn Raven is the reputed father Jn Raven Math Raven witnesses Dan Chappell and Math Guyon (form as above)