Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/1)

22.7.1734 (Monday 22 July 1734)

document 11900138

Jn May junior of Earls Colne yeoman and Jn May senior yeoman bound to Oliver Johnson and Jn Hatch churchwardens and Wm Harvey and Jn Page overseers of Earls Colne in 100li 22.7.1734 condition is such that whereas Mary Jennyns of Earls Colne hath lately been delivered of a male and a female bastard child within the said parish of Earls Colne which said children ever since their birth have been and now are chargeable to the said parish of Earls Colne and are likely so to continue of which children the above bounden Jn May junior acknowledges himself to be the father he hath therefore the said Jn May the younger and Jn May the elder their heirs executors administrator or assigns or any of them shall from time to time and from all times hereafter fully and clearly acquit discharge and save harmless the above named etc from all costs and charges by reason or means of the birth maintenance nourishing or bringing up of the children for so long as the said children shall be chargeable then this will be void Jn May Jn May witnesses Geo Chapman mark Jn Harvey