Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/3)

27.12.1753 (Saturday 27 December 1753)

document 11900546

extract from the parish book of Earls Colne for the charges for a male born bastard of Jane Middleton and baptised 10.3.1744 13.4.1745 for 5wk by Joseph Bond 7s6d by mr Gibson for 24wk from .4.1745 to 1li16s by Dan Cowland from michaelmas.1745 to easter following 25weeks 1li17s6d charges for Jane Middleton's male bastard child baptised 10.3.1745 to the parish of Earls Colne to pay as is under by Thos Smith overseer 6s by mr Joseph Bond overseer 15s3d by mr Jn Leaper overseer 3s in 1753 paid by me J R churchwarden 6s6d