Removal Orders (DP/209/13/2)

1.5.1678 (Wednesday 1 May 1678)

document 12100005

1.5.1678 to the constables of Earls Colne and to either of them whereas complaint hath been made unto me by the overseers of the poor of your said parish that Rachel Bounds is come into your said parish within forty days last past and that she does endeavour to settle herself there in a tenement under the yearly rent of 10li and that she is like to be a charges to the parish where she shall reside these are therefore to require you to give present notice unto the said Rachel Bounds to remove herself out of your said parish to the parish where she was last legally settled or else give sufficient security for the discharge of your said parish and if she shall refuse so to do then you are hereby required to apprehend the said Rachel and bring her before me or some other of his majesties justices of the peace for this county that she may be removed according to law given under my hand and seal this 1.5.1678 Jo Eldred