Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P36/15/2)

28.9.1752 (Thursday 28 September 1752)

document 11900622

know all men by these presents that we Jn Tiffin of Layer de Lay Hay yeo and Sarah Tiffin of Earls Colne widow are held and firmly bound to Jn Hanbury esq Thos Bridge gentleman Jn Gladwin and Jn Guyon churchwardens and overseers of the parish of Great Coggeshall in 100li to be paid to them their executors etc to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of us for the whole our and each of our heirs executors etc firmly by these presents sealed with our seals dated 28.9.1752 whereas Sarah Mayhew late of Great Coggeshall abovesaid singlewoman deceased on 6.9.1750 before Jn Williams esq and Geo Sayer clerk two justices of the peace etc did voluntarily swear that she the said Sarah on the 4.8.1750 was delivered of a male bastard child within the said parish of Great Coggeshall and that Phil Tiffin of Layer de Lay Hay abovesaid labourer was the father of the said bastard child and whereas the said child is now living and is become chargeable to the parishioners of the said parish of Great Coggeshall and is likely so to continue now the condition of the above written obligation is such that if the above bounden Jn Tiffin and Sarah Tiffin their heirs etc do and shall from time to time and at all times forever hereafter fully and clearly acquit exonerate and discharge or otherwise well and sufficiently save keep harmless and indemnified as well the abovenamed churchwardens etc and their successors as also all the inhabitants and parishioners of Great Coggeshall which now are or hereafter shall be for the time being etc from all manner of expenses etc which shall or may at any time arise etc by reason of the maintenance education nourishment or bringing up of the said child and of all other suits troubles etc then the present obligation to be void otherwise to be and remain in full force power and virtue Jn Tiffin Sarah Tiffin sealed and delivered in the presence of Jer Mayhew Wm Carter