Wills (ERO D/ACR2/166 Wm Woodward 1524)

25.7.1524 (Monday 25 July 1524)

document 2301802

the will of Wm Wodward of Earls Colne in the name of god amen the 25.7.1524 I Wm Wodwarde whole of mind but sick of body make this my testament and last will in this manner following first I bequeath my soul to almighty god to our blessed lady and to all the company of heaven my body to be buried in the churchyard of Earls Colne in the parish of St Andrews item I bequeath to the high altar of the said parish church for mine offerings and tithes negligently forgotten 16d item I bequeath to Robt Polyn Wm Polyn Mary Polyn and to Eliz Polyn to every of them two sheep or else money for them item I bequeath all my lands set and lying in the towns of Earls Colne and White Colne to Maud my wife term of her life and after her decease all the said lands I bequeath to Jn Wodwarde my son and to his heirs of his body lawfully begotten or to his assigns and if my said son Jn Wodwarde decease before Maud my wife his mother without issue of his body lawfully begotten then I will that all my foresaid lands remain to Colne Priory and there both my wife and son to be prayed for item all the residue of my goods both movable and unmovable not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Maud my wife whom I make mine executrix for to bring me honestly to the earth to pay my debts and fulfil this my last will and mr Thos Cheltinam prior of Colne to be supervisor these being witness sir Wm Chapet vicar of Earls Colne dom Jn Bilston monk of Colne Priory Jn Estey Thos Elys Jn Parker with others