Wills (ERO D/ACR2/231 Wm Lyngwod 1530)

9.7.1530 (Saturday 9 July 1530)

document 2400077

the will of Wm Lyngwod of Earls Colne in the name of god amen the 9.7.1530 etc. I Wm Lyngwod of Earls Colne in good memory and whole mind make this my testament containing my last will in this manner and form following first I commend my soul to almighty god our lady saint mary and to all the holy company in heaven my body to be buried in the churchyard of St Andrews in Earls Colne aforesaid without the little door on the south side of the chancel as nigh to the coffin as may conveniently be item I give to the high altar in full recompense for my tithes and obligations forgotten 12d item I bequeath to Agnes my wife my house that I dwell in with the gardens the term of seven years next immediately after my decease and if she refuse to take the said house with gardens that then I will she to have 4marks in good money of England to be paid to her in form following that is to say the space of six years and every year 6s8d and the seventh year 13s4d in full payment of the said 53s4d and then the house and gardens aforesaid stand and be to the performation of this my will item I will that Jn Ferdyng my brother in law have my croft at the Holy Road and the croft at the stulps called Berecrofte for the term of seven years next after my decease to the use to find yearly at the feast of xmas and easter with the yearly value thereof an honest priest the largeler for god's service there to be maintained and my soul prayed for in Earls Colne church equally at every of the said feasts the named yearly value after discretion to be divided to a priest then there singing and for the time there being item I will and give after forenamed seven years and as well my house gardens and my two crofts of land called the croft at the Holy Road and Berecrofte with the appurtenances to Wm Ferthyng son of the foresaid Jn Ferthyng to have and to hold to the same Wm and to his heirs and assigns forever more to give and to sell and if it happen the said Wm to decease within the space of seven years that then I will the foresaid house gardens and crofts of lands be sold by Jn Ferthyng mine executor and with thereof to provide to find a lawful priest sing in Earls Colne church for the souls of my father and mine mother my soul my wife's soul my children's souls and all christian souls as long as the money of the said sale may remain item I will that Jn Ferthyng mine executor have a field called Berecrofte Meadow to him his heirs and assigns and with the farm thereof over and besides the lord's rent paid yearly to keep and cause to be kept an obit in the church of Colne aforesaid for my father's soul my mother's my soul my wife's and all christian souls item I give to Eliz Lyngwod my goddaughter my little featherbed a coverlet a pair of sheets and a pair of blankets a basin of pewter and a pewter dish item I give to Agnes my wife all my household stuff item I will that Jn Ferthyng have my three beasts whereof one whereof one cow to keep a light before saint michael in Colne church and with the other kine to keep an obit in Colne church for my mother's soul and all christian souls the residue of all my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Jn Ferthyng whom I make mine executor and I make master vicar of Colne my supervisor and I give him for his recompense 12d these being witness to this my present testament and last will Jn Sparow Thos Rote Jn Barbar Wm Garrard and others written the year abovesaid