Wills (ERO D/ACR6/426 Jeremy Rampton 1574 1574)

22.11.1574 (Monday 22 November 1574)

document 2701105

in the name of god amen the 22.11.1574 etc I Jeremy Rampton of Earls Colne in the county of Essex husbandman being in perfect mind and good remembrance thanks be given to god do ordain and make this my last will and present testament in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul unto almighty god my saviour jesus christ by whose precious bloodshed I trust to be saved and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Colne aforesaid item I give to the common chest for the poor 4d item I give unto these my six children Jn Rampton Susan Rampton Mary Rampton Agnes Rampton Hen Rampton Robt Rampton to every one of them 20s to be paid unto them as they shall come to their age of 20yr and if any of them decease before their aforesaid age of 20yr then I will that part to be distributed among the rest then living and if they all die before their aforesaid ages then I will all the portions to remain wholly to Xian my wife their mother item the residue of all my goods and chattels that I have movables and unmovables with all my debts whatsoever I give them wholly to Xian my wife with this condition that she shall see my children kept honestly and brought up to the best of her power my debts paid and this my will fulfilled my body honestly brought in earth the which Xian I do ordain and make my sole executrix for the same intent and purpose and my brother in law Xoph Krooke to be my supervisor whom I do put in trust as my faithful friend to see that he shall fulfil the same these being witnesses mr Robt Pearson Barth Church Wm Rowye Clem Turner and Jn Sparrow jun with others