Wills (ERO D/ACR6/448 Edm Clarke 1576 1576/7)

19.12.1576 (Friday 19 December 1576)

document 2800085

in the name of god amen I Edm Clerke of Earls Colne in the county of Essex clothier being sick in body but whole and perfect in mind laud and praise unto almighty god do make and ordain my testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following first I give my soul to god the father who made me to jesus who redeemed me and to the holy ghost who sanctifieth me and my body to be buried where it shall please the lord item I give to Margt my wife the mansion house wherein I dwell called Tylwickes with all the land thereto belonging and also I give to Margt my wife all my copyhold land with a barn thereto belonging called Oliver to have and to hold both free and copy during her natural life to the bringing up of my children and after her decease to remain to Jn Clerke my son and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and if it chance the foresaid Jn to die before he come to lawful age then I will the foresaid house and lands to remain to Agnes Clerke my daughter item I give to Alice Clerke my daughter 140lb [seven score pounds] of wool and Margt my wife to have the occupancy of the same yielding and paying to Alice my daughter half the gain and profit that shall come thereupon all the rest of my goods my debts paid and my body honestly brought to the earth I give to Margt my wife whom I make my sole and only executrix given the 19.12.19Eliz1 sealed and delivered in the presence of Jn Garnet Robt Reade Robt Rockes Wm Lover