Wills (ERO D/ABW38/181 Hen Smithe of Halstead 1594)

6.3.1594 (Wednesday 6 March 1594)

document 3200005

in the name of god amen Hen Smithe of Halstead being sick in body but of perfect remembrance do ordain make and declare his last will and testament nuncupative in manner and form following that is to say first he gave and bequeathed his soul to almighty god and his body to be buried in the parish churchyard of Halstead aforesaid item he gave willed and bequeathed unto Wm Boyse of Halstead butcher all his movable goods whatsoever which was his at the time of his death conditionally that he should see him perpetually buried etc in the presence of mr Watson vicar of Halstead mr Nicholson and mr Jn Fuller with others the 6.3.1594