Wills (ERO D/ACW7/163 Wm Barnard late of White Colne 1607)

14.10.1607 (Wednesday 14 October 1607)

document 3400572

these words or the like in effect Wm Barnard late of White Colne in the county of Essex yeoman deceased spake and uttered in the time of his sickness on wednesday 14.10.1607 etc. he being in perfect mind and remembrance my mind and will is that my eldest son Wm Barnard shall have and enjoy after my decease all the remainder of years in my lease of Barwick Halle Farme and the whole stock cattle corn hay and all other things whatsoever there and upon the ground belonging thereto being mine at the time of my decease and also I give unto him my said eldest son Wm and my mind and will is that he have and enjoy all my debts that are growing unto me of any debtors whatsoever and I will that he my said son shall pay and discharge my debts which myself do owe and I stand bound to pay to any person whatsoever