Wills (PROB11/187/77 Ann Scroggs 1641)

28.8.1641 (Saturday 28 August 1641)

document 4002319

in the name of god amen the 28.8.1641 etc I Ann Scroggs of Earls Colne in the county of Essex maiden being the daughter of Edw Scroggs late of Aldbury in the county of Hertford esq being at this present weak in body but in good and perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto almighty god do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all former wills whatsoever by me made in manner and form following viz first and chiefly I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty god my maker and of his dear and only son jesus christ my only and sufficient saviour and redeemer by and through whose only merits death and passion I hope for salvation with free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins through the comfort of the blessed and holy spirit the third person in trinity and my body I commend unto the earth from whence it was first taken to be buried in christian and decent manner according to the discretion of mine executor and as for the worldly goods which the lord hath lent me I give and dispose them as followeth item I give and bequeath unto my brother Jn Scroggs esq 50li of good and lawful money of England upon condition that he shall pay unto my brother Wm Harlakenden my executor my whole portion of 600li together with all the interest thereof due unto me upon account to the day of my death without any suits in law or further troubles to my executor or executors and upon condition that he shall pay this my portion in this manner to my brother Wm Harlakenden as followeth viz 100li within one month next after my decease to discharge my petty legacies and funerals and then to give bond to my brother Wm Harlakenden to pay the other 500li and interest for it at 6li in the 100li within six months next after my decease and then I will that my sister Goads legacy shall be paid by my executor and my brother Edw's legacy likewise and my brother Jn Scroggs legacy aforesaid to be abated out of the sum provided always and my will is that if my brother Jn Scroggs do not perform this my trust in paying these monies that are my portion according to my will that his aforesaid legacy of 50li shall become utterly void and the profit of it rebound to my brother Wm Harlakenden my executor item I give to my sister Goad 100li to be paid as aforesaid item I give unto my brother Edw Scroggs 50li to be paid likewise as aforesaid item I give unto my sister Scroggs 40s to buy her a ring and to Margt Scroggs my niece 12s and to Susanna Goad my niece 12s and to Xoph Purple my nephew 12s and to Mary Purple my niece 12s and to old mr Purple their grandfather 20s and to his wife 12s to buy each of them a ring item I give unto Rich Harlakenden of Colne Priory esq 4 0s and to his wife 12s to buy each of them a ring and to Jane Clench 10s and to my aunt Hawksbee widow 10li and to her daughter Ludgater 5li and to my cousin Sara Simmes who is now in New England 5li and to mr Dan Rogers of Wetherfeild 5li and to mr Till preacher of the word 20s and to my brother Sutton 20s and to mr Josselin minister of Earls Colne 40s and to my cousin Dracott 5li and to Jacob Garret of Colne Wake 20s and to Avery Saunders of Earls Colne 20s and to Jn Viall of Wetherfeild 20s and to Sam Burton my godson 40s and to mrs Cosen of Earls Colne 20s item I give and bequeath unto my sister Smithy the wife of Wm Harlakenden the full sum of 300li of lawful english money and all such money and other goods as are now in her custody and keeping and my will and mind is that if any of those parties to whom any legacies are formerly given do depart their life before they be due and payable that then the said legacies shall remain and be due to my sister Smithy Harlakenden and I do hereby make and ordain mr Steph Marshall preacher of gods word at Finchingfeild and my brother in law mr Wm Harlakenden of Earls Colne gent executors of this my present last will and testament and I do give unto the said mr Steph Marshall 10li of lawful english money for his pains to be taken herein and upon condition that he take no further benefit by this my will in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written Ann Scroggs signed sealed published and declared in the presence of Wm Cosin Wm Brande Robt Crowe