Wills (ERO D/ACW15/38 Jn Bullock 1648 1648)

=.8.1648 (August 1648)

document 4202516

memorandum that in the month of .8.1648 Jn Bullock of Earls Colne in the county of Essex widower being sick of body but of sound and perfect memory made and declared his last will and testament nuncupative or disposition of his estate in these or the like words following viz he gave and bequeathed unto his son Thos Bullock four cows whereof one was at old Marches being a black cow two at Thos Shellyes being both likewise coloured black and one at Mallachy Stowells being of the same colour which he estimated were worth together the sum of 20li and to Jn Bullock eldest son of the said Thos he gave a lamb and to Thos Bullock youngest son of the said Thos Bullock his son he gave and bequeathed one sheep which was at Titterells of Pattiswick moreover he gave and bequeathed to Jn Bullock his eldest son one red cow which was at Thos Shellies also he willed and bequeathed to his son Wm Bullock a black cow which was at the widow Crab's of Colne Engaine and the 20s which Rich Rooks did owe him who dwelleth at Colchester and he nominated and appointed the said Thos Bullock his son sole executor to this his will with or the like words he uttered and spake in the presence and hearing of Ann Davie wife of Wm Davie and Eliz White widow and others