Wills (ERO D/ACW15/276 Hen Ennewe of Great Coggeshall 1649 1653)

19.10.1653 (Wednesday 19 October 1653)

document 4203109

19.10.1653 memorandum that I Wm Tanner of Great Coxall in the county of Essex clothier have the day and year above mentioned received from the hands of Thos Gaell of Kelverdon in the said county gent the original last will and testament of Hen Ennewe of Coxall aforesaid deceased which was exhibited into the office of the said Thos by Phil Enewe the executor therein named he the said Phil being since dead which will I the said Wm am to exhibit into the court at London appointed by a late act for probate of wills and granting administrations and do hereby undertake to save the said Thos harmless against all persons whatsoever for the delivery thereof into my hand and possession witness my hand hereunto subscribed Wm Tanner