Wills (D/DU256/6 Rich Harlakenden 1660-1)

17.10.1661 (Thursday 17 October 1661)

document 4401933

17.10.1661 whereas I Rich Harlakenden of Earls Colne Priory in the county of Essex esq have made my last will and testament in writing bearing date the 30.7.1660 and in and by the said will and testament have given to my daughter Eliz the full sum of 2000li of lawful english money for her portion and 100li more of like money for the buying of her wedding clothes as by the said will appeareth and whereas I have since upon an agreement of a marriage to be had and solemnised between Thos Bowes esq son and heir apparent of sir Thos Bowes knight and the said Eliz paid to the said sir Thos Bowes the full sum of 1800li of lawful english money and am to pay 200li more in full of the marriage portion of the said Eliz and do further intend upon the marriage of the said Eliz to give her 100li more to buy her clothes I do therefore by this codicil in case the said marriage shall be had and solemnised before the 1.12.next revoke and make void the said gift and legacies of 2000li and 100li in the said last will mentioned and every part of the said 2000li and 100li and this codicil I do declare to be part of my said last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set to my hand and seal the 17.10.1661 etc signed sealed and published as a codicil to this my last will and testament in the presence of P Bowes Geo Andrewes Giles Lagden Wm Read Rich Harlakenden