Wills (ERO D/ACW16/171 Dorothy Abbott widow of Colchester 1661/2 1662)

4.1.1662 (Saturday 4 January 1662)

document 4500122

in the name of god amen the 4.1.1662 etc. I Dorothy Abbott of the parish of St James in Colchester in the county of Essex widow being weak in body yet perfect in memory do make and declare my last will and testament in form following viz imprimis I bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty god my maker trusting that through the merits of jesus christ my redeemer my sins are pardoned and that my soul shall be saved and my body I recommend to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in decent sort at the discretion of my executor herein after named and as to my worldly goods I dispose thereof as followeth viz first I bequeath to Hen Parkinson my son the sum of 30li of lawful money to be paid to him within six months next after my death and I give to his wife 20s to buy her a gold ring with item I give and bequeath to Robt Parkinson my son the like sum of 30li to be paid him within six months after my death as aforesaid and likewise I give to his wife 20s wherewith to buy her a gold ring also item I give and bequeath unto the five children of my son Robt Parkinson now living viz to every each one of them 10li apiece of lawful money to be paid to them at their respective ages of 18yr and my will mind and meaning is that immediately after all the respective legacies aforesaid shall be raised out of my estate that then the overplus of my estate after my debts shall be paid and funeral expenses and the probate of this my will together with such other necessary charges as my executor herein after named shall lay out or disburse in execution of the trust herein reposed in him shall be defrayed and satisfied shall be put and reduced into one total sum and then divided into five equal parts or shares and to be equally paid and satisfied to the said five children of my said son Robt at their respective ages aforesaid and that in case any of the same five children shall depart this mortal life before accomplishment of such age of 18yr as aforesaid that then the part or portion of such of them dying shall be paid and equally distributed and divided amongst the survivors of them share and share like at their ages aforesaid and I do order and appoint that until they shall attain to their said respective ages the interest of their respective 10li apiece so as aforesaid to them given together with the interest of the surplusage or overplus part of my estate so as abovesaid to them given shall be yearly paid to the mother of the said five children or to such other as shall have the education and bringing them up respectively for and towards their respective educations and maintenance provided always nevertheless and my mind is that my daughter in law Mary the wife of Wm Moore of Colchester baymaker shall first have the gold ring for her use which was the ring of my former husband Smith and that if after my legacies debts funeral charges and probate of this my will be satisfied there shall happen any thing to be charged or chargeable upon my estate or upon my executor hereinafter named touching the same or this my will that then I do order and appoint the same shall be borne out of the portions so as abovesaid to the said five children given and I do ordain and make the above named Wm Moore of Colchester aforesaid the sole executor of this my last will so revoking all former wills I ordain this my last will witness my hand and seal the day and year first above written sealed published and declared to be the last will of the testatrix in the presence of Mich Coule Robt Smith mark Dorothy Abbott