Wills (ERO D/ACR 19/181 Wm Bailey 1795 1799)

1.11.1798 (Thursday 1 November 1798)

document 93000460

I the before named Wm Bailey the testator do make this codicil to my before going last will and testament dated the 29.10.1795 as follows (that is to say) I do hereby revoke and declare void the annuity or yearly sum of 5li therein given to my niece Sarah Boar for her life after my wife's decease and in lieu thereof I do give to her my said niece Sarah Boar the sum of 20li of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid to her out of my personal estate within one year next after the decease of Eliz my wife and whereas my nephew Jn Brett one of my two executors named in my said will is dead now to remove all doubts and disputes it is my will and mind that Jn Bailey my other nephew and executor therein named shall be the sole executor of my said last will and testament and that the legacy of 200li therein given by me to him my said deceased nephew Jn Brett for his care and trouble as one of my executors as therein mentioned shall not be paid to his executors or administrators or any other person or persons in his right but shall fall into and be taken as part of the residue of my personal estate and go therewith to him my said nephew and sole executor Jn Bailey according to my said last will and testament which I do confirm in all other respects in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 1.11.1798 Wm Bailey signed sealed published and declared by the said testator Wm Bailey as and for a codicil to and to be taken as part of and cooperate with his said last will and testament in the presence of us J. Usher Sam Towle Jn Partridge