Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

17.10.1680 (Sunday 17 October 1680)

document 9800005

1680 whereas there hath been an intention of marriage between Joseph Sewell of Alphamston in the county of Essex and Em Barnard of Headingham Sible in the same county and for a further proceeding therein according to the good order of truth they did both appear the 6.9.1680 in the men's and women's meeting in Coggeshall aforesaid and did there declare their intentions of taking each other as husband and wife if nothing did appear that might be just occasion of the hinderance thereof and friends well weighing the matter did judge it meet they should appear the second time against the inquiry might be made touching their slowness in coming together and also that they might bring with them testimonies from their friends and relations signifying their consent in the matter which was done accordingly at the next monthly meeting being the 4.10.1680 at Earls Colne in the county aforesaid and so friends after due inquiry made finding all things clear did leave them to their freedom to come together in the ordinance of marriage at some convenient time in an assembly of their people and now for the consumating the same this may satisfy all people that upon 17.10.1680 at our meeting in Earls Colne in the county aforesaid Joseph Sewell taking Em Barnard by the hand did declare on this wise friends in the presence of the lord and before this congregation I do take Em Barnard to be my wife promising to live in the fear of the lord with her singly as a loving husband till death separate us and also she the said Em Barnard did then and there declare as follows I also in the presence of the lord and of this congregation do take Joseph Sewell to be my husband promising to live singly with him in the fear of the lord as a loving and obedient wife until death separate us so they accomplished the said marriage in the presence of us their friends and relations then assembled there they also setting their hands with us who were witnesses they so took each other upon the day and year as is above written Joseph Sewell Em Barnard Geo Barnard Jo Sewell Sarah Sewell Jo Barnard Jas Potter Jo Crow Ann Crow Jn Garritt Kath Garritt Jo Pattrick Rose Pattrick Antho Stow Thos London Wm Kent Eliz Kent Martha Allen David Chapman