Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR107/70)

9.1.1589 (Thursday 9 January 1589)

document 20300051

thursday after michaelmas 30Eliz1 writ similarly witnessed to have at the said sessions Jn Weston of Feering gentleman Robt Wodesworth of Little Birch gentleman Wm Debnye of Barfold Wm Stamer of Earls Colne Jn Waspe of Wakes Colne Antho Rampton of Stanway Geof Newton of (Stanway) the same Robt Amys of Markshall Jn Tyler of Feering Robt Nycoll of Colne Engaine Jn Prentice (may be Jn Prentice) the elder of (Colne Engaine) the same Jn Parker the younger of Earls Colne Hen Kerbye of Castle Hedingham gentleman Peter Grene of Great Maplestead Edm Bassham of Castle Hedingham Wm Adams alias Butcher of Toppesfield Francis Purcas of Great Yeldham Thos Plumbe of Belchamp Walter Geo Nycolson of Sible Hedingham Jn Harrys of (Sible Hedingham) the same Jn Parker of Wethersfield Thos Harrington of Sible Hedingham Robt Pannell of Ridgewell and Wm Harrington of Maplestead jurors summoned in the same court between the queen and Thos Kelton of Earls Colne gentleman to acknowledge upon their oath if the said Thos Kelton is guilty or not of the offence of a common barrator and disturber of the peace whereof he stands indicted endorsed that the execution of this writ appears in a certain panel annexed to the same Brown