Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR107/5)

9.1.1589 (Thursday 9 January 1589)

document 20300005

sessions on 9.1.1589 memo that at the general sessions of the peace held at Chelmsford on 5.10.29Eliz1 before Robt lord Ryche sir Thos Myldmay sir Jn Petre and sir Jn Smythe knights Antho Cooke Francis Harvye Edw Hubbard Hen Myldmaye Edw Ryche Eustace Clovyle Israel Amyce and Rich Barlee esquires justices by the oath of the twelve jurors it was presented for the queen that Thos Kelton of Earls Colne gentleman on 1.9.29Eliz1 was and is an oppressor of his neighbours and other subjects of the queen and a common slanderer and spreader of strifes and discords among his neighbours to their great harm etc and afterwards to wit at the general sessions of the peace held in Chelmsford 18.4.30Eliz1 before the beforenamed justices the aforesaid Thos Kelton comes in his proper person and defends etc and protesting that the aforesaid indictment is insufficient in the law to which he is not bound to answer says however for a plea that he is not guilty thereof and of this puts himself upon the country etc and Jn Popham esq attorney general of the queen likewise therefore let a jury come thereof etc