Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR129/33)

20.12.1594 (Sunday 20 December 1594)

document 20400017

examination taken before Roger Harlakinden esq of Hen Wright late of Pillerton in the county of Warwick clerk who says that "he was a student in Oxenford and hath served a cure at Pillerton aforesaid by the space of five years and hath taken the orders of the ministry and is also a practitioner in physic" the means of his coming into this county was thus one Shaa a fisherman of Cambridge being at Banbury fair on st lukes day last and a mere stranger to this examinant fell into talk with him unto whom he did then make known that he wanted maintenance and was then void of a living and that then the said Shaa willed him to resort unto one mr Beriffe of Aldham in Essex who would presently help him to a living he thereupon came to mr Beriffe and after divers times mr Beriffe set one mr Banbrigge a minister about Colchester on work to procure him a living and one Turner this examinant's uncle confessed unto him that Browne the governor of the house of correction at Coggeshall had undertaken to prefer him to a living after his coming into Essex he came to the knowledge that one Thos Turner of Earls Colne was his near kinsman where he has lain at sundry times many days and nights together and practised physic and had divers cures in the country thereabouts during his abode at the said Turner's house there ha s been with him once one Wright of Wethersfield who as he says was not known to him and Wm Turner of Halstead who as this examinant says is his uncle has been there with him divers times and this examinant has been in the lane where the digging was to look for herbs divers times and once the said Thos Turner was with him but he says that he never heard of the said digging until this morning as he was coming hither and he says that he knows one Neale "that hath a commission to dig for money at such places and that if he knew of it he would quickly be there to look for it" the examination of Thos Turner taken as above who says that the said Hen Wright is his first cousin and is by profession a physician and has lain at his house by times these three weeks and that he came thither last on thursday 12.1 2.1594 and stayed there until the tuesday following during all which time he has kept his house in the night time and that on saturday the said Wright and he went together to the place that is now digged to look for erbs or else they were never there and that on sunday last one Thos Wright of Hedingham kinsman to the said Hen came to this examinant's house and there they dined together and after went to Halstead together and he says that the said Wm Turner uncle to this examinant and the said Hen was at his house on thursday 12.12.1594 about some two hours before the said Hen came thither but was never there sithence nor at any other time in the said Hen 's company and he also says that he told the said Hen of the said digging yesterday and that the said Hen was suspected for it during the foresaid Hen Wright's abode at the house of the s aid Thos Turner at Earls Colne complaint was made unto me (Roger Harlakinden ) of certain digging of ground in the night time for money as it was supposed and the said Hen being a mere stranger and unknown there was suspected to be the doer thereof whereupon I sent for the said Wright and Turner his host and examined them both in whose confessions I find much contrariety as may appear and I have also inquired after the said Shaa of Cambridge who was the means of his coming into this country who is credibly reported unto me to be a man of passing lewd behaviour which things considered together with the cause of his stay here in the country as depending upon the preferment of those that have not the means to advance him I do in my poor opinion think him to be a man very suspicious and so leave him to your good considerations Roger Harlakinden